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A little about Hansel & Gretel

Welcome to Hansel & Gretel situated in Whalley, part of the beautiful Ribble Valley. We offer the latest in designer infant clothing and children's fashions, as well as unique gifts, shoes and accessories that combine to make us the ideal place for the best dressed children.

We stock an incredible selection from the top names in the business, including: Boboli, Jeycat, Lelli Kelly, Deux par Deux and many more. Whether you're looking for special baby shower gift ideas, individual designer clothes for babies and children or footwear and accessories, you're sure to find something special. Our stock is always up to date and ready for the demands of the next season, with prices that are competitive.

Christening and Communion wear is a very important part of our business. From gowns, dresses, veils and shoes to rompers and suits - everything you could require for that very special day. New designs are added as they become available.

Located in the town centre of Whalley, on King Street; with a play area and easy access to parking, we offer a warm and friendly service, both to parents and children.